Term 1

In Reading this term, students are split into two groups. Cookerland is taught by Mr Cook and Mr Sutherland and The Reading Cafe is taught by Miss Burtenshaw, Miss Roberts and Karen.

In Cookerland, students work with both teachers. They will see Mr Sutherland for shorter text by Hilton Ayreys and work on comprehension and vocabulary development. When they see Mr Cook they will be studying novels as part of an exciting program call Chapter Chat where they get the chance to discuss the novel with other students from around New Zealand.

In The Reading Cafe, students will work with all three teachers throughout the week. They will see Miss Burtenshaw for guided reading sessions where they will focus on shorter texts to develop their comprehension, accuracy and fluency skills. With Miss Roberts, the students will be working on Word Work activities to help expand their vocabulary. Karen will teach the students games to play that will help to improve and consolidate all the reading skills they are learning.

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