Inquiry: Korimako Kai (Health)

The students will learn about Health by working through the Unit called “What’s for Lunch”.  All students will participate in regular daily fitness and learn about healthy eating. They will work towards making a healthy lunch for a different hub in the school.

Learning Pathways: (We are learning to…)

  • Understand how food is important to our bodies
  • Understand how healthy food can improve growth and well-being -
  • Cook hygienically
  • Discuss where food comes from Farm to Plate
  • Discuss why fruit and vegetables change prices (Seasonal)

Inquiry: Ecology

This fits under our theme of the year of Systems as we explore different ecosystems work and how the animals and plants interact with each other.

 Things we are learning are:
- what an ecosystem is
- the difference between Biotic and Abiotic Factors
- basic needs of a living thing
- the scales of an ecosystem (micro, messo and biome)
- levels of organisation in an ecosystem
- what autotrophs and heterotrophs are and the types of heterotrophs
- what food chains and food webs are
- Trophic levels of a food chain

 Students will then complete their own inquiries on an area of interest. There will be an extra focusing on their presentation skills this term.

Click here for a great website which explains what we are learning really clearly. 

Inquiry: Civilisations

This fits under our theme of the year of Systems as we explore how systems work in a civilisation.

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