Friday, 4 August 2017

Friday 4th August - Sports Results


Marshland City 2 vs Queenspark A 5
Marshland Rovers 0 vs Queenspark B 8

Marshland RnB Sticks   3 vs    Te Pa 3
Marshland Blacksticks 4 vs Queenspark B 6

Marshland Steel  1 vs South Brighton 14
Marshland Pulse 2  vs South Brighton 24
Marshland Combo's   7 vs Chch East 6

Marshland Red and Blacks 5 vs Rawhiti 80

Marshland Girls 0 vs Queenspark 3
Marshland Double L's 3 vs South New Brighton 0

Marshland Jack 8  vs Queenspark 10

Chef Andy Visits

What a great afternoon we had learning a bit about the food industry as part of our Inquiry unit, Korimako Kai. We were very lucky to have Chef Andy and Cheryl from the International Culinary Studio  come into Korimako to talk about some of the basics in food preparation such as kitchen hygiene, dress code and knife care. Chef Andy is an extremely talented and experienced chef who was even a judge on South African Masterchef. 

The highlight of the visit was when Chef Andy taught us all how to 'pipe' chocolate. Birthday boy Jordan along with Scarlett and Max had a go at doing some designs with the chocolate. Check them out below.


The Korimako students did their hair, straightened out their uniforms and put on their brightest smiles for school photos. Order forms will be out shortly.

Intermediate Open Day

On Wednesday afternoon our Year 6 students had the opportunity to visit our Year 7/8 Hub, Toroa. This is so they could see what is on offer for them as a Year 7/8 at Marshland School. Mrs Davies talked about all the exciting opportunities that the Toroa students get before they got the chance to wonder around and see for themselves and chat to some of the current Toroa students.

Having a chat with Mrs Davies

Seeing some of the robotics

The very popular 3D printing

Toroa's totems

 Swamp Radio, the Marshland School Radio Station run by Toroa students.

Food of the Week - Spinach

This terms Inquiry focus is on food with our unit called Korimako Kai. Each week there is a different food for us to look at. This week it was the very popular SPINACH!!! Both of the Cook and Sutherland writing groups used spinach to help inspire some writing. 

Below are pictures of HULK JUICE which the Sutherland group used to write food reviews about. 
Here is Lachie's review:

'Yesterday at school the Sutherland writing group tried hulk juice. We tried hulk juice because it was the Sutherland writers food of the week.

We began by watching a little bit of Popeye because he liked spinach and it made kids try spinach. Then we had to plan and think what it would taste like while Mr Sutherland blended up a mixture of spinach, milk, and banana.

When I received the hulk juice it smelled horrific and it made me gag! It looked all lumpy, and it looked like moss. Before I knew it, it was time taste it. I took a little sip and spat it right out because it tasted really disgusting. I could not bare to take another sip. I swear everyone else liked it. At least I tried to like it.

After that Mr Sutherland was crazy and asked who wants seconds? Some people did! Then we could finally tip it out and not feel sick. Well some people had the smoothie of there dreams, I had the smoothie of my nightmares.

In conclusion, my suggestion is that people do not even go close to the hulk juice and please listen to that!! That is my review of the disgusting hulk juice. Yuck!!'

By Lachie

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ecology Inquiry Projects

Term 2's Inquiry focus was on Ecology and studying ecosystems and the different parts that make up an ecosystem. After several weeks of learning, students selected an area that they would inquire into. This involved Exploring what they wanted to learn, Accessing information, Responding to what they have learnt and communicating what they have learnt. 

We had an extra focus on the communication aspect this term. Students were challenged to think about the best ways to show their learning to others in a way that engages them. Some ideas used were board games, puppet shows, art, a prezi and role plays. 

These are some of the results!

Term 2 Celebration Assembly

What a great way to finish the term! It was really nice to reflect on all the great achievements made over the term. Lachlan W and Daisy did an amazing job by each sharing their Pepeha and presenting. The Friday art group shared their Korowai and the ukulele group shared 3 songs. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties the coding group were unable to share their work.

Congratulations to all the students who received an award!